We are all so busy. Grocery shopping, fetching kids from school, running kids to activities, working our jobs, wrapping presents, cooking meals, walking the dog, paying bills, watching Game of Thrones– you get the idea. What would you feel about your life if you stepped back from it and looked at it?

Where you are today, at this moment, is a reflection of the thoughts you’ve had, and the actions you’ve taken in your past. In what ways are you happy with where you are?

Giving ourselves the permission to pause and reflect can feel overwhelming– but it’s essential. When we step back from our lives, we regain the power of thinking about possibilities and envisioning our future. We become intentional. We can then look at where we are and–more importantly–consider and decide where we’d like to go. Then we can create a plan.

An architect could never create a house without a set of plans. An entrepreneur would never start a business without a business plan. How can we live lives without taking the time to create an idea of what we want?

Intention allows you to harness your energy, time, and actions and direct them towards a goal. It doesn’t matter what your intention in life is, it just has to be important to you. There is no need to compare yourself to anyone in life. What would your life look like if you weren’t concerned about being judged? Chase that.