In working with clients, I’ve found that those who create lives they love are brave. (Sword and shield not included with coaching sessions, but can be purchased separately) Those who are willing to step into fire, into darkness, into the unpleasantness and fear that lives in those places and face their demons emerge victorious. We are stronger than anything in our minds, in our past- and we only gain our true power when we jump down the rabbit hole and face the facts.

By rabbit hole, I mean the uncomfortable feelings and emotions we have when we are honest with ourselves. When we face ourselves, we have to make changes in order to create the lives we choose. We have to talk to our spouses honestly; we have to share our regrets, disappointment, and shame to face our truth. Although we may believe that the end of the rabbit hole is filled with darkness and tiny monsters, it’s not. There is a secret.

If you are brave enough to jump in, to face your truth and claim it, then you create new possibilities. In the inky darkness that you’ve been brave enough to enter, a shimmery light emerges, and if you follow it, you’ll end up at a hidden door. And that door will take you to a new place. A leveling up, if you will.

It’s only when we face our darkness & our demons that we grow; only then, can we can finally step into ourselves, and into our power. Sure, the things that have happened to you may not all be sunshine and roses- no one has a perfect past. But, what have you learned? If we don’t dive deep and jump down the rabbit hole, we will encounter the same situations, again and again.

So, for me personally, diving down and dealing with the gunk is actually a short cut. That is what no one tells you. For, if we spend our time consistently looping back to try and learn lessons we could have learned already, we waste precious time. The next time you’re faced with a difficult conversation, or the opportunity to be honest, consider what would happen if you dove in: If you jumped down the rabbit hole, knowing it might hurt like hell to face the actual pain of your life, of course it does… but then what? Can you imagine how great the other side will feel once you’ve discovered self-assurance, newfound strength and claiming who you are? This is may be the most important thing to learn, for through that shimmery door, there are wings.