So this past weekend we had a party. I love to dance. Each year, we throw a dance party or two and go all out. Imagine music pumping, a room lit with colored lights, glow sticks, fiber optic light cables, balloons, darkness and champagne. I must admit, these nights are some of my favorite throughout the year. My husband, Josh will help move furniture and get the tech aspects going, but he usually isn’t one for decorating. This year, when he said that we needed a disco ball, I agreed. He went out, got the disco ball and installed it hanging from a 6 foot diameter chandelier in our living room. The party was a blast, and the next morning we cleaned up, rearranged the furniture and put everything in storage for the next bash. One thing remained, however- the disco ball. You see, whenever Josh walked in the living room, and saw the mirrored ball twinkling in the sunlight, he’d smile, and chuckle. We sat in our living room flopped on couches, looking at one another while the disco ball spun over our heads in mid-day. We couldn’t physically get up to turn it off without a big ladder, and after the champagne the night before, we didn’t really have the motivation. Then Josh said, “I want to leave it up, all the time.”

“Really”, I said, “Why?”

“It makes me happy, and reminds me not take life too seriously.” he said

Now you must understand here, that my husband is an incredibly sweet man. He is my favorite person I know and the best man I’ve ever met. He is funny and strong and fiercely loves us. And, he can be serious. As a songwriter, he is often in writing mode and is sometimes difficult to reach. He can be too serious for me at moments. During our wedding, there were a series of candid photos taken of Josh and I. In the first photo, Josh is looking at the camera straight-faced, and I am gazing at him, making goofy, funny faces. In the 2nd frame he is noticing me looking at him. In the 3rd frame, he too is cracking up, and in the 4th frame, he is laughing. I am looking like a total idiot the whole time. I value fun and the joy that it brings immensely, and find that as adults, there is a trend to allow fun to be on a slow decline until the end.

So, when Josh said that he wanted to not take life so seriously, I listened. “The disco ball makes me feel goofy.” he said, smiling.
That was enough for me. Although I wouldn’t normally have a disco ball hanging from an iron chandelier in our timber-frame living room, we have one. And it’s spinning non-stop. Not because we can’t get the ladder. Not because we are too lazy. But because we value the reminder to have fun in life, to be goofy and joyful and enjoy these sweet days we have with one another.